Make work on your mortgage now!

  The interest in buying a home remains high. The demand for suitable real estate is huge. Even without falling interest rates, house prices continue to rise. Logical too, because even now the mortgage interest rate has risen slightly in recent months, the interest rate remains historically low. Moreover, the banks are prepared to accept very low margins on their […]

5 Good Tips Before Borrowing!

People are becoming bolder in borrowing, probably because of low credit rates. You commit to a loan for many years to come, so think carefully about what exactly you need and how you will be able to repay it. In this article, we’ve collected some important tips for successful borrowing.   Do You Really Need Credit? It’s a good idea […]

How to improve credit history

There are ways to improve credit history. Thus, when you make the next application for a financial product, a lease or an education loan, you will have an excellent rating. I recently met a person with a very peculiar financial attitude. He was preparing to ask for a mortgage loan. Seriously, he was getting ready. Why? I wanted to receive […]