Guideline Ideas For Real-world Strategies In Labels

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By way of a three-part video series, each of the artists will visit a happening “scene” – hip-hop meets fashion, new soul/R&B and the rise of electronic music, respectively. In addition to sharing perspectives on music and success, each artist will discuss emerging trends and talent. All three acts will curate their own Spotify playlists as well. Tying in with the upcoming festival season, “Belvedere x Noisey: Behind the Scene” will also include a live performance component. Each artist was asked to hand-select a promising new talent that will perform at three key festivals: SXSW, Ultra and Coachella. Aiko’s choice, Peruvian R&B singer/songwriter A.Chal, will perform at SXSW. A-Trak selected female DJ/producer Kittens, who will take the stage at Ultra. And Future’s pick, his longtime collaborator DJ Esco, will perform at Coachella. “Belvedere x Noisey: Behind the Scene” kicks offwith Aiko todayat Check out the teaser clip here: In a statement announcing the launch of “Belvedere x Noisey: Behind the Scene,” Belvedere Vodka president Charles Gibb said,”Music has always been a core part of the Belvedere DNA – we have arich history of supporting and spotlighting some of the world’s most celebrated musicians. “Noisey is the most innovative, original voice in music culture and we are proud to partner with them to showcase a collective of both established and trailblazing artists making an impact on music today.” AddedNoisey associate creative director Jon Weidman, “We’re extremely excited to bring together a few of the biggest names across different genres with some of the most interesting new talent following in their footsteps.” Reblog

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