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With a credit card can borrow your money. Your credit card payment is often a kind of loan that you only have to repay later. Can you also take a credit card with BKR?


What is a credit card?

Credit card?

A credit card is a passport that allows you to make purchases and where you only pay the purchases made later. This is different from the debit card, where the money you include is written off directly from your account.


Why a credit card?

A credit card is especially useful if you want to pay outside Europe or if you order a lot online. Outside of Europe you can often not pinch everywhere, while there are often opportunities to pay with a credit card. This is the case, for example, in the United States. Even if you make a lot of purchases online, for example via Amazon, a credit card is actually a must.

Advantages of credit card

Credit card with BKR?

The big advantage of a credit card is that you can pay almost anywhere with your credit card. It is also useful that you have a credit ceiling in most cases. For example, you cannot borrow more than € 5000 for certain credit cards. Furthermore, it is very convenient that purchases with a credit card in certain cases are insured for a certain amount of time against loss or theft.


Disadvantages of credit card

A credit card also has disadvantages . The interest rate is very high and the period in which you have to repay the credit on your credit card is usually relatively short. You must therefore be able to pay the credit quickly. If you use your credit card as a debit card and if you have the money that you have paid, your credit card is not that bad either. However, if you do not yet have the money on your account at the time of purchase, borrowing with a credit card is not always wise. If you do not get the credit term, you will be able to deal with collection agencies and higher costs.


Interest on a credit card

Interest on a credit card

As mentioned, the interest of a credit card is usually charged on interest . This is often expressed in an interest rate per month or per year. This interest rate is generally relatively high, certainly compared to a normal loan. The interest on a credit card can easily be more than 15%.


Positive interest on a credit card

On some credit cards you can put money yourself. For example, you can get a positive balance on your credit card, instead of a negative balance. This is also called a credit balance. In some cases you receive interest.


Credit card with BKR?

You can usually not request a credit card if you have a negative BKR . The credit card provider will check your creditworthiness. If you are registered negatively at the BKR, the chance that you can take a credit card is unfortunately almost nil.


Credit card without BKR?

Credit card without BKR?

Requesting a prepaid credit card, also called debit card , on the other hand is possible if you have a negative BKR . The prepaid credit card provider will not check your creditworthiness. This is because when using a prepaid credit card you do not work through a bank account like a normal credit card. For a prepaid credit card, you need to deposit a cash amount on this card for use of the card, after which you can use this prepaid credit card. If the amount is on your card, you can only use the card again if you have deposited a new balance. This money deposited on the prepaid credit card goes through an account that you have opened at the provider of the prepaid credit card. Usually, these credit cards receive an annual fee, but this does not weigh up on the costs of a regular credit card that you purchase through your bank.

A negative registration with the BKR does not prevent the purchase of a prepaid credit card entirely. Your chance that you can apply for a prepaid credit card is 100%.

Examples of prepaid credit cards include:

  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • Money2GoCard
  • Viabuy

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